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Attention 2007 and Later Mini Cooper Owners!


If you have a Mini Cooper that is a 2007 model or newer: listen up. The motors in these automobiles have the designation N12 and N14 with the N14 being the turbo motor.  These engines come equipped with oil level dip sticks. A lot of Mini Cooper owners do not realize that these motors use oil and that the level should be checked every other tank of fuel.

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Get the Best from your BMW i3’s Preconditioning

BMW i3

During extreme weathers, having the option to precondition your car is ideal. In the winter, you can step into your warm, ice-free car, and in the extreme heats, cool down the cabin and avoid burning yourself on the seats. In conventional, gas-powered vehicles, this is just a luxury.

However, in electric cars, including the BMW i3, preconditioning is both a luxury and a necessity in increasing your range and promoting a longer life for your battery.

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Notice to all BMW owners that drive 3 & 5 series cars from 2006 that have the N52 and the N54 motors; OR the 3.5 liter turbo and the 3.0 non turbo motors


It has recently come to our attention that the 3.5 liter Twin Turbo motors or N54 have an issue that should not be over-looked or it could cost you the MOTOR.

What is happening is the drive belt is getting saturated with oil from the oil filter adapter housing seals and causing the drive belt to fail.  

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Mini Cooper Outperforms Competition in Recent Crash Test

Mini Cooper Crash Test

For Virginia Beach and Portsmouth families looking to purchase a new car, safety is almost certainly somewhere on the list of must-haves. Whether you're looking for a compact, medium-sized, or large vehicle, you'll be happy to learn there are safe and stylish options in each category. Most recently, the sleek Mini Cooper Countryman joined the elite group of safe compact cars by passing a crash test with flying colors.

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BMW leads way in crash avoidance system ratings


The way to survive a crash is to avoid one altogether. You have a better chance of that when your car steps in and avoids the crash for you.

In ratings released May 29, based on tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the BMW 5 Series large luxury car and the BMW X5 midsize luxury SUV were among four vehicles that when equipped with certain safety options earned perfect scores for front crash preventions.

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