OIL CHANGE (Recommended every 3,000 miles for petroleum oil and no more than 7,500 miles for synthetic oil)

  • Replace the oil filter
  • Renew engine oil to proper capacity
  • Check the tire pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Reset the service lights (Unless vehicle is still under warranty)

Note: For vehicles that are 1997 and older we use 5W30 Petroleum based oil and for all of the later model BMW's we use full synthetic oil.

OIL SERVICE (Recommended every second oil change) *Same as the oil change but we include:

  • Tire rotation and balance the front tires and lube all four wheel hubs
  • Check the fluid levels and top off if necessary
  • Add fuel system cleaner
  • Lube door locks and seals
  • Check the car over for any additional work needed
  • Perform a quick scan of control units and clear any fault codes stored
  • Check all lights and replace any bulbs necessary

INSPECTION 1 SERVICE  (Recommended every 15k for early models BMW's and every 20 to 30k for late models BMW's) *Same as the oil service but we also include:

  • Complete hydraulic brake flush
  • Perform a valve adjustment (All early model BMW's and the E46 M3)
  • Replace the cabin microfilter (All late models BMW's)
  • Run FULL system diagnostic and clear all fault codes

INSPECTION 2 SERVICE  (Recommended every 30k for early model BMW's and every 40 to 60k for late models BMW's) *Same as the Inspection 1 but we include:

  • Replace the air filter
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Replace the spark plugs
  • Renew the engine coolant
  • Renew the manual transmission fluid (Automatic transmission fluid is changed with transmission service)
  • Renew the differential fluid
  • Check all suspension and steering components and advise of condition
  • Replace the wiper inserts, or blades, if necessary
  • Perform the annual body inspection