Specializing in BMW Maintenance Services

At Atlantic Autowerks, we specialize in BMW maintenance services as well as services for MINI and Saab automobiles. We perform factory scheduled maintenance services and repairs, using O.E.M. replacement parts. Our technicians are ASE certified and factory trained to ensure that your vehicles always get the best care available. From start to finish, our technicians will work with you every step of the way toward diagnosing the problem to getting your vehicle running smoothly once again. Here is some more information about the three vehicle lines we service.

Before the introduction of the CBS, or Conditioned Based Service, indicator there were four services recommended by Atlantic Autowerks and BMW/MINI as well. While the services are referred to the same way, at Atlantic Autowerks we take the extra step to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained throughout the course of its life. The first of those services is an oil change.

  • OIL CHANGE:     The oil change consists of draining the engine oil, replacing the oil filter and renewing the engine oil with the proper amount. As part of the oil change we reset the service indicator and check to make sure your tires are properly inflated. We will also provide an oil change sticker in the upper left-hand corner of the windshield, so you know when your oil change is due next.

The second of the recommend services is an oil service.

  • OIL SERVICE:      The oil service offers your vehicle a bit more than just a standard oil change. While everything offered with the OIL CHANGE is also done as part of the OIL SERVICE, we also balance and rotate the tires and perform a multi-point vehicle inspection. We will check fluid levels, brakes and suspension to ensure proper levels and performance. Since this service is about keeping your vehicle running in tip top shape, we add a PowerMaxx fuel system cleaner by Blue chem to keep your fuel system cleaned and lubricated.

The third service offered is the Inspection 1 service.

  • INSPECTION 1:   Just as the OIL SERVICE includes everything offered in the OIL CHANGE, the INSPECTION 1 includes everything offered in the OIL SERVICE but takes that service even further by adding a brake flush and a cabin microfilter. As part of this service we also hook the vehicle up to the ISTA machine and check the vehicles control units for faults.

And finally, the last service is the Inspection 2 service.

  • INSPECTION 2:   This is by far the most comprehensive service offered. Just like the pattern above, the INSPECTION 2 service includes the OIL CHANGE, OIL SERVICE and the INSPECTION 1. It does not stop there however. The INSPECTION 2 includes replacement of all fluids, filters and spark plugs. (Note: Transmission fluid is NOT changed unless otherwise noted).

These services are recommended once a certain mileage is reached. If any part of these services is missed or already done, the service can be modified to fit your vehicles needs!

As mentioned in the Service Icons tab of our website, BMW and MINI now use a Conditioned Based Service indicator to let you know when your vehicle is due for service. Once this system came into place, the Oil and Inspection services were no longer recommended by the dealers. They were still recommending oil changes, but the recommended interval was far too long. (see BMW and MINI tabs for proper oil change interval recommendations) The service recommendations for vehicles with CBS are based the counter that can be accessed through the instrument cluster or the i-Drive.

Atlantic Autowerks still recommends the Oil and Inspection services from time to time. If your vehicle is showing due for several of the items offered in those service, then grouping them together into one service can save you a lot of money! Why pay for everything individually when you can do it together and save time and money?

In addition to the maintenance services above, we offer several other services to keep your vehicle running great. We offer BUMPER TO BUMPER diagnosis, service and repair in the following areas:

  • All factory scheduled services
  • Four-wheel alignments
  • Virginia State Inspections
  • Suspension and steering component replacements and upgrades
  • Axle and drivetrain repair or replacement
  • Electrical diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair
  • Engine cooling system repair
  • A/C diagnosis and repair
  • Exhaust system repair, replacement and upgrades
  • STATE OF THE ART engine diagnosis and repair
  • Fuel system repairs
  • Brake repair and replacement
  • Manual transmission service (Clutch assembly replacement)
  • Tire sales, mounting and balancing
  • Performance upgrades
  • OEM Windshield replacements
  • and much more.....

Do you have another vehicle in your fleet that is not a BMW or MINI? Would it be easier and more convenient for one shop to service all of your vehicle needs? Well, we are the shop for you! Atlantic Autowerks is proud to annouce that starting immediately we will be happy to service any of your other vehicles regardless of year, make or model. That's right! If you are an existing Atlantic Autowerks customer we will now keep ALL of your vehicles running in tip top shape for those road trips, family vacations or daily commutes. Bring your vehicles down and let us keep you safe on the road! 

Atlantic Autowerks also has the BEST diagnostic deal in town! We charge an initial fee to diagnose your warning light(s) (i.e. Check Engine, ABS, SRS, and Traction Control) but our initial fee is good for SIX MONTHS with no additional fee. That's right! One diagnostic fee for six months and when that warning light pops up again, we got you covered!

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