If you have questions about the MINI and BMW services that we offer, we created a list of our most frequently asked questions for you to look through. If you still have questions about our services after reading the FAQs below, we encourage you to reach out to us on our contact page.

New Customer FAQ

Does the diagnostic fee go toward repairs?

In some cases, the diagnostic fee does go towards repairs. Call (757) 466-1269 for more information.

Do you supply loaner cars?

No, we do not offer loaner cars.

Can We Use Our Own Parts?

No, we do not use customer-supplied parts.

When Can You Service My Car?

We make every effort to get your car in as soon as possible and complete the repairs in a timely manner.  Depending on the repair, we can usually get the car in the shop within a few days

Are You Certified by BMW?

No, BMW only certifies the dealer repair facility.  We employ techs that have been in the BMW tech schools and have many years of experience on the car. The manufacturer warranty is only good at the Dealer itself, however, we do accept aftermarket extended warranties.  We work with the extended warranty companies through the repair and payment process for the customer from start to finish.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our labor rate is much cheaper than the dealer.  We offer one of the lowest labor rates in the area, and always less than the dealer! We use the BMW list price rate, not the increased list price rates the dealers use.

Services FAQ

Will doing work at your shop void my manufacturer warranty?

No. Doing an oil change or any other service will not void your manufacturer warranty. When we do an oil change at the 5,000 mile/once a year interval we will not reset your oil lights so you can still get your free maintenance service at BMW.

How do your prices compare to the dealer and to other repair shops in the area?

We can beat the dealer’s price on any work you need! We constantly update or prices to remain competitive with other repair shops. We only use factory, or O.E.M., parts so our prices are in accordance to those parts. Other shops may offer an aftermarket part which is cheaper in price but that part is also cheaper in quality and will not last as long as a factory part. We will work with you to offer the best deal around to get your vehicle on the road again!

Should I wait for my oil service light to come on before I get an oil change?

On some of the later model BMW’s the oil service light is set to allow as much as 15,000 miles between oil changes. Since we see and service vehicles that are higher in mileage we have first hand knowledge of what damage 15,000 mile oil changes can cause. We recommend not going over 5,000 miles on the synthetic oil. If you are using Petroleum oil then it should be changed every 3,000 miles.

Can I bring my own parts and have you put them on?

No, we do not install customer-supplied parts.

Do I have to drop my car off or can I wait for it?

Waiting is set by appointment only. We have a waiting area with internet access, reading material, and a television. Some work will take a longer time time to complete, so there may be some instances where dropping the vehicle off is the best alternative. We do our best to ensure that you are without your vehicle for as little time as possible while still providing the best work we can.

What Kind of Oil Do You Use?

We use only O.E. Manufacturer oil and oil filters.

Do I Have to Make an Appointment?

Appointments are required. Our reason for appointments is so we do not have too many people waiting at one time which would make it difficult to complete the service on your vehicle in a timely manner. You can be sure that if you call us for an appointment we will be able to fit you in within a few days. Due to our limited parking, walk ins are very tough to accommodate.

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