Bumper to Bumper MINI & BMW Maintenance in Virginia Beach

Taking care of your car, though, can be time-consuming, confusing, and expensive. If you’re not already mechanically-minded, opening up the hood of your car can feel like opening up a Latin textbook; you may kind of understand parts of it, but it’s mostly gibberish.

We here at Atlantic Autowerks know that your care for your car isn’t measured by how much of a mechanic you are. Instead, the care your provide for your car is calculated by the lengths you go to make sure it has everything it needs to function properly.

In that spirit of providing your car with everything it needs, today we’ll be discussing the services we offer at Atlantic Autowerks to keep your car in the prime condition it deserves.

Essential MINI and BMW Maintenance

As an owner of a MINI or BMW, there are a couple services that are essential to maintaining your vehicle. Depending on your needs, we’ll recommend either of these services:

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Service

When you get your oil changed at Atlantic Autowerks, we ensure that your vehicle receives the quality oil change that only MINI and BMW professionals can give.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, though, we recommend you ask us about our oil service. The Atlantic Autowerks oil service includes everything from a standard oil change and additionally includes a check of your fluid levels, suspension, brakes, and we’ll even balance and rotate your tires. To top it off, we add PowerMaxx fuel system cleaner to bring your fuel system up to par.

Inspections and MINI/BMW Repair

If your essentials are already covered, we also offer inspections on both both MINIs and BMWs. Both types of car are of premium quality and, as you may expect, they require a skilled hand to inspect and repair. As professionals, we aim to fill that role.

When ask us to inspect your car, we’ll offer you two packages: Inspection 1 and Inspection 2. With the Inspection 1, we perform everything you get when you ask for an oil service. Additionally, we also perform a brake flush and replace your cabin microfilter. After these services are complete, we’ll finish by connecting your vehicle to our ISTA machine to examine its control units for any potential issues.

Or, if you prefer, we also offer the Inspection 2 package. The Inspection 2 package offers everything from Inspection 1, and it includes fresh installations of spark plugs, filters, and all fluids.

Your car deserves the best. After all, without it you may find yourself stranded. If you want to keep your MINI or BMW in in top condition, contact us at Atlantic Autowerks in Virginia Beach today.

BMW Services
BMW Services