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Prepping Your MINI Cooper for Winter Driving

MINI Cooper

If you've got a MINI Cooper and you're concerned about winter driving, we're here to tell you that you've got nothing to worry about. By taking a few extra steps to ensure that your vehicle is ready, you can prep for - and overcome - uncertain winter driving conditions. In fact, the MINI Cooper is considered a fairly solid winter vehicle, as it has front-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and automatic stability control. In this post, we're going to talk about how you can stay safe by getting your MINI prepped for the winter.

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A Few BMW Maintenance Tips for This Coming Winter

BMW Maintenance

When temperatures drop, it's not uncommon for people's commitment to regular BMW maintenance to drop, as well. It's tough to convince yourself to bundle up, head outside and take the steps necessary to keep your vehicle in top shape. However, there are a number of very easy - and very quick - things that you can do to keep your BMW in great shape this winter. In this post, we're going to give you a few tips for taking care of your BMW over the winter.

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How to Ensure That Your BMW Vehicle Stays in Pristine, Working Order

BMW Repair Shop

If you've purchased a BMW vehicle, you've undoubtedly investigated the company's recommended maintenance schedule. You've researched when to get your oil changed, when to add fluids and when to have your vehicle inspected. You've learned about the BMW's features, how to preserve them and - most importantly - how to ensure that your car stays in peak condition for as long as possible. But, what are the details of the specific BMW inspection services? When should they be performed and what benefits does your vehicle derive from them?

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Searching for a Good Service Center for Your BMW Repairs? Follow These Tips!

BMW Repairs

If you own a BMW, you've undoubtedly been searching for a reputable repair shop to perform your essential BMW repairs and maintenance tasks. We know that finding the right shop can be difficult. You've got to find service staff that has experience. You need to find a shop that has a history of completing a range of repairs. Most importantly, you've got to find a BMW repair shop that you can trust. In this post, we're going to give you a few tips that will, hopefully, aid you in your search!

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Common Reasons to Explain Why Your BMW Check Engine Light Is On

BMW Repair Shop

We've all had it happen. You're cruising down the highway, blaring your favorite tunes and, all of a sudden, a slight glow emanates from your dashboard. Looking down, you notice that your check engine light has come on. Panicked, you pull off at the next exit and frantically Google for an explanation or, perhaps, a nearby BMW repair shop. If this sounds at all familiar, this week's article is just for you because, in this post, we're going to look at a few reasons that explain why your BMW check engine light is on.

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Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly By Keeping Your Ears Open

BMW Repair

With a high-end vehicle, it pays to listen to what the world is telling you. Whether you're heeding the advice of the manufacturer and having your inspections performed or you're listening to that inner voice that's telling you, "Maybe you should get that noise looked at," it never hurts to be cautious and keep your ears open. In this post, we're going to look at three "voices" that - if you listen to them - can help you keep your BMW running smoothly.

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BMW Introduces the World to an Old Friend, the New MINI Seven

Mini Cooper

Earlier this month, BMW announced the release of a new, special edition MINI that pays tribute to the brand's heritage: the MINI Seven. Designed in the style of the 1959 Austin Seven, the MINI Seven incorporates a number of aesthetic and functional choices that honor the MINI's distinguished past.

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Getting Your BMW Ready for Spring – and Summer – Driving

BMW Repair

With winter out of the way and relatively clear skies ahead, it's time to get your BMW in shape for spring and summer driving. As most people know, these two seasons can be troublesome, as traffic is generally more common and - frustratingly - the roads are in need of repair. Cracks, fissures and potholes abound, leading even the soundest of vehicles to experience issues. In this post, we're going to look at a few quick, easy fixes that you can implement to reduce your chances of incurring a costly, unexpected repair.

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Navigate Snowy Roads in Style with the New MINI Clubman ALL4

MINI Clubman

Last week, BMW announced the addition of an exciting new option to their MINI line: the MINI Clubman ALL4. Undoubtedly attractive to anyone challenged with driving on icy, snow-covered roads, the Clubman ALL4 features a newly developed all-wheel drive system. With the time-tested design features of standard MINIs, the Clubman ALL4 is a stylish, sporty and versatile vehicle that aims to transform harrowing winter drives into safe, enjoyable journeys.

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Changes to the BMW Maintenance Program That Every Owner Should Know


Earlier this year, BMW took a hard look at their maintenance program and decided to make some rather drastic changes in regards to second owners. In short, the new program states that model year 2015 BMW cars will include the company's maintenance program only for the initial purchaser, owner or lessee. Additionally, the program will not be transferrable to subsequent owners. But, what does this mean for would-be buyers of a preowned 2015 BMW?

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