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Visit a Trusted BMW Maintenance Provider Before Long Trips

BMW Maintenance

Long trips during summer are fun, but it pays to deal with your BMW maintenance before hitting the road to reduce the risk of problems. When you stop in at Atlantic Autowerks, you get all the BMW maintenance required to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. With an experienced staff and a variety of services offered, stop in and see what we can do for you before your vacation!

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Keep up with MINI Maintenance in Warmer Weather

MINI Maintenance

We've talked about what you can do for MINI maintenance before winter, but, now that warmer temperatures are back, you can keep up with necessary check-ups and repairs to guarantee a smooth ride. Atlantic Autowerks has the capabilities to assess, repair, and follow-up on any issues your MINI may have encountered throughout the winter. If you want the job done right with your MINI maintenance, you want to trust Atlantic Autowerks.

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Fix Your Not-so-Stuck Odometer and more with BMW Repair

BMW Repair

The technicians at Atlantic Autowerks are the skilled, experienced, and trustworthy workers that can give you the best BMW repair. Thanks to a long track-record of working with BMW's, our technicians know all the ins and outs of the vehicles, and guarantee we can find your problems and offer the best solutions to them. Whether it's your odometer failing or any other issues you may face, Atlantic Autowerks is here for you.

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Properly Take Care of Your Vehicle with Winter BWM Maintenance

BMW Maintenance

Now that we're in the thick of winter and the possibility of cold weather and snow is always looming, you must make sure that you're keeping up with your BMW maintenance. Cold weather can have a negative impact on certain aspects of vehicles and you want to make sure that you're keeping up with all the necessary maintenance you need to. At Atlantic Autowerks, we can help you maintain your vehicle's best operating condition and give you advice on BMW care.

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Get Ready for Winter with Quality MINI Maintenance

MINI Maintenance

Before we know it, snow will be hitting the ground once again, and you can prepare for winter by bringing your MINI to Atlantic Autowerks for quality MINI maintenance. Driving in winter can sometimes be a tricky thing, and the easiest way to make sure you're driving in the safest way possible is to have your car fully-serviced and ready to roll.

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Service Your Used Vehicle with BMW Maintenance

BMW Maintenance

If you have bought a used BMW recently, then you will want to bring it somewhere to have it looked at and worked on, and with the BMW maintenance provided by Atlantic Autowerks, you can drive with a clear mind. Maintaining a vehicle is important to making sure it always performs at desirable levels, whether it be a car's oil, tires, or rusted parts.

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Get Prepared for MINI Takes the States 2018 with MINI Maintenance

Mini Maintenance

As summer comes around and we're out driving on the road, it may be the time to stop in for some MINI maintenance to assure your road trips go uninhibited. We at Atlantic Autowerks are servicing vehicles and ready to get on the road to partake in summertime events. One such event that every MINI lover should be prepared for this summer is the biennial road rally: MINI TAKES THE STATES 2018 (MTTS).

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Servicing World Class Vehicles with BMW Maintenance


Everyone wants to be behind the wheel of a vehicle they love and trust, and with our BMW maintenance, you're sure to keep your world class vehicle going strong. With a proven record of excellence in motor vehicles, BMW is the way to go if you want a car that not only looks great but drives great too. Winning its seventh World Car Award from the "World Car of the Year" organization, BMW continues to show why BMW's are an industry-leading brand.

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Scheduling BMW Or MINI Maintenance? Take Care Of Your Certified Virginia Safety Checks

Prepare for winter with maintenance

Is it time to schedule annual BMW & MINI maintenance? Virginians are used to having a safety check done annually, we recommend combining that this November with some winter preparation as well. Here at Atlantic Autowerks we can take care of these services for you. Why not schedule a winter maintenance visit where we can make sure you're on schedule and include your inspection in the review? We're certified with the state and happy to help keep your inspection up-to-date.  

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BMW Maintenance – A Good Time To Connect With Your People

BMW Maintenance Connects You With BMW Lovers

If you find yourself kicking back, trying to explain to a friend why you choose to drive a BMW, we recommend you take a breath, and let it go. Just like trying to change someone's mind online, it's not going to happen. They're either in love with some other car (we hear MINI's are pretty awesome) or they're just a bit practical. Here at Atlantic Autowerks, we get you. We built our shop and your BMW maintenance team with people who understand you. 

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