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Prepping Your MINI Cooper for Winter Driving

MINI Cooper

If you've got a MINI Cooper and you're concerned about winter driving, we're here to tell you that you've got nothing to worry about. By taking a few extra steps to ensure that your vehicle is ready, you can prep for - and overcome - uncertain winter driving conditions. In fact, the MINI Cooper is considered a fairly solid winter vehicle, as it has front-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and automatic stability control. In this post, we're going to talk about how you can stay safe by getting your MINI prepped for the winter.

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BMW Introduces the World to an Old Friend, the New MINI Seven

Mini Cooper

Earlier this month, BMW announced the release of a new, special edition MINI that pays tribute to the brand's heritage: the MINI Seven. Designed in the style of the 1959 Austin Seven, the MINI Seven incorporates a number of aesthetic and functional choices that honor the MINI's distinguished past.

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BMW Announces the New 2016 MINI Convertible


Earlier this month, BMW released the first images and specifications of the upcoming MINI Convertible. Scheduled for release next March, the convertible will be available in the Cooper and Cooper S models and will be powered by the same performance-driven engine found in the company's other front-wheel drive vehicles.

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2015 Mini Cooper: Fuel Efficient and Feisty

2015 mini cooper

With their unique design, compact size and overall cool factor, Mini Coopers are instantly recognizable. From contrasting roof panels and a distinctive profile to seventeen-inch wheels and bonnet stripes, a host of factory options allow Mini Cooper owners to customize their vehicle into a polished, truly one-of-a-kind phenomenon. However, the Mini Cooper isn't just another pretty face: they are loaded with premium technologies that promise their drivers more than a stylish ride.

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Attention 2007 and Later Mini Cooper Owners!


If you have a Mini Cooper that is a 2007 model or newer: listen up. The motors in these automobiles have the designation N12 and N14 with the N14 being the turbo motor.  These engines come equipped with oil level dip sticks. A lot of Mini Cooper owners do not realize that these motors use oil and that the level should be checked every other tank of fuel.

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Mini Cooper Outperforms Competition in Recent Crash Test

Mini Cooper Crash Test

For Virginia Beach and Portsmouth families looking to purchase a new car, safety is almost certainly somewhere on the list of must-haves. Whether you're looking for a compact, medium-sized, or large vehicle, you'll be happy to learn there are safe and stylish options in each category. Most recently, the sleek Mini Cooper Countryman joined the elite group of safe compact cars by passing a crash test with flying colors.

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