Visit a Trusted BMW Maintenance Provider Before Long Trips

BMW Maintenance

Long trips during summer are fun, but it pays to deal with your BMW maintenance before hitting the road to reduce the risk of problems. When you stop in at Atlantic Autowerks, you get all the BMW maintenance required to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. With an experienced staff and a variety of services offered, stop in and see what we can do for you before your vacation!

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Wringing the Most Out of the Driving Season

fall color tour driving

We understand our clients because we're just like them. They say Virginia is for lovers, well, we love sliding behind the wheel and settling into the driver's seat. Labor Day marks the beginning of rainy days and deteriorating driving conditions, and we might wistfully look ahead to scheduling our winter BMW and MINI maintenance - but there are definitely still some beautiful days ahead. We've got the fall color tour to look forward to, and some pretty incredible drives right here in our backyard. 

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BMW and MINI Shine on 2016 Wards 10 Best Engines List

2016 BMW

In its 22nd year, the Wards 10 Best Engines competition has released its list of nominees for 2016. With 31 nominees, MINI and BMW car engines appear on the list four times, twice for each brand. The BMW i3 engine, with its unique powertrain, appears, as well as the BMW 340i's new B58 Twin-Scroll Turbocharged engine.

The BMW B58 is easily the company's flagship engine, at this time, it incorporates many of the features of the company's N55 engine: direct-injection and the Valvetronic and Dual-Vanos systems. Offering 326 horsepower, the engine is a true wonder - both in theory and practice - and has certainly earned its position on Ward's yearly list.

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BMW Announces the New 2016 MINI Convertible


Earlier this month, BMW released the first images and specifications of the upcoming MINI Convertible. Scheduled for release next March, the convertible will be available in the Cooper and Cooper S models and will be powered by the same performance-driven engine found in the company's other front-wheel drive vehicles.

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BMW to Celebrate 100th Birthday at 2016 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

BMW 100 Year Anniversary

Around this time next year, BMW will be celebrating its 100th birthday. And what better place to celebrate than the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion? With the BMW car brand built upon being considered the "Ultimate Driving Machine," racing circuits across the globe have helped the company forge that identity for the last century.

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The Joy of Driving


Atlantic Autowerks Ltd. specializes in BMWs and MINIs because we love the passion the manufacturers of those cars put into their engineering, and the joy you get when driving them. You can see on our Specials page that we reward those drivers who share our passion with discounts for parts and labor if you are a member of either the BMW or Mini Car Club of America. We thought we'd take this opportunity to explain why we do that.

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Attention BMW Owners with a Car 2002 and Later with the 4.4L V8 Engine


Any motor that is running low on oil is a candidate for some major repairs. Some motors, like the 4.4 Liter V8 that is in a lot of BMW models, can sustain some damage but still continue to run--maybe not well, but nevertheless, still run. In a motor that is run low on oil, aerated oil may be flowing through all of the major engine oiling passages. Like the Mini Cooper, the BMW N62 (the 4.4 Liter V8) will suffer some major and expensive damage if not caught in time.

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Get the Best from your BMW i3’s Preconditioning

BMW i3

During extreme weathers, having the option to precondition your car is ideal. In the winter, you can step into your warm, ice-free car, and in the extreme heats, cool down the cabin and avoid burning yourself on the seats. In conventional, gas-powered vehicles, this is just a luxury.

However, in electric cars, including the BMW i3, preconditioning is both a luxury and a necessity in increasing your range and promoting a longer life for your battery.

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Notice to all BMW owners that drive 3 & 5 series cars from 2006 that have the N52 and the N54 motors; OR the 3.5 liter turbo and the 3.0 non turbo motors


It has recently come to our attention that the 3.5 liter Twin Turbo motors or N54 have an issue that should not be over-looked or it could cost you the MOTOR.

What is happening is the drive belt is getting saturated with oil from the oil filter adapter housing seals and causing the drive belt to fail.  

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BMW leads way in crash avoidance system ratings


The way to survive a crash is to avoid one altogether. You have a better chance of that when your car steps in and avoids the crash for you.

In ratings released May 29, based on tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the BMW 5 Series large luxury car and the BMW X5 midsize luxury SUV were among four vehicles that when equipped with certain safety options earned perfect scores for front crash preventions.

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