Visit a Trusted BMW Maintenance Provider Before Long Trips

Long trips during summer are fun, but it pays to deal with your BMW maintenance before hitting the road to reduce the risk of problems. When you stop in at Atlantic Autowerks, you get all the BMW maintenance required to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. With an experienced staff and a variety of services offered, stop in and see what we can do for you before your vacation!

Official services

When you come to Atlantic Autowerks for BMW maintenance, you know that you’re working with professionals who know the ins and out of your vehicle. Some of our workers have over 30 years of experience working specifically on BMW’s, so you know that they can provide yours with the best service possible. Whether it’s factory scheduled services, tire checks, or any other service, your BMW, after being checked by licensed professionals, will come out just fine.

Simple checkup

Part of what makes Atlantic Autowerks such a great place to check on problems, before a long drive, is that we offer the best diagnostic deal around. We charge an initial fee to diagnose warning light(s), but the initial fee is good for six months with no additional fees. So, the last thing you have to worry about with your upcoming trip is any problems that your BMW might be facing.

Preemptive services

Make sure to keep in mind where your regular scheduled checkups are happening before taking your BMW on your summer trip. Take into account the amount of miles that you will be travelling to make sure that while out and about you don’t reach the point of needing something like an oil change.

After nearly two decades working with BMWs, Atlantic Autowerks promises to give your vehicle the best maintenance around before you head on your trips for the summer. Contact us today to see what services we can provide for you today!