Trust Your Condition Based Service Indicator for MINI Maintenance

If you have a newer model of MINI and you see a light come on, there is a very good chance that your vehicle is in need of MINI maintenance. Each MINI comes with a system to let you know when your vehicle needs service: a CBS. CBS stands for “Condition Based Service” which is an indicator displays symbols for you to let you know when your vehicle is in need of a specific service to ensure that it keeps running in peak condition. At Atlantic Autowerks Ltd., we have worked with MINIs of all varieties, so whether yours has had a light come on or not, we will know exactly what to address and repair to get it back in its best working conditions.

Scheduled and emergency MINI maintenance provided

Whether you are dealing with a maintenance issue that is known and scheduled, such as oil service, or something that is in need of more imminent repair such as alternator failure, the team at Atlantic Autowerks can help. Our team of experienced technicians all have years of work behind them dealing with mechanical failures that MINIs may face throughout their lifetime. We know that some problems that arise are unavoidable and sudden, so we make sure that our team is always at the ready to assist those in need.

We find the problem and address it the right way

Because our team has been working with MINIs for so long, we know exactly what to look for when it comes to the health of your vehicle. With certifications for all necessary repairs and replacements for any parts your MINI might need, members of our mechanical team ensure that your vehicle will be taken care of properly. As a small business, our specialized shop builds a relationship with customers to make sure that they always feel like they have been treated fairly with their MINI maintenance, while also providing the professional services that they could expect out of a large manufacturer’s shop.

Serving all of Virginia Beach with the quality MINI maintenance solutions that MINI owners might need, Atlantic Autowerks is the professional mechanic shop for repair and maintenance that you can trust. When your CBS system lights up and alerts you of potential maintenance that your MINI is in need of, contact us to get taken care of and quickly get back on the road the right way.