Take Preventative Care with BMW Maintenance

Like with any other vehicle, BMW maintenance can help to ensure your BMW keeps delivering the smooth ride you’re used to. At Atlantic Autowerks, our professional mechanics offer a thorough and complete overview of your vehicles preventative essentials as well as the services required to keep up with or fix these issues. Preventative maintenance doesn’t take much time, and, with the ability to prolong your vehicle’s lifespan and maintain peak performance, it’s worth making the trip!

The Basics

About once per year, depending on the services you’ve received before, you can do maintenance to keep your vehicle’s basics up to date. BMW maintenance of this kind can be done with a simple overall inspection and can include an oil change, brake check, belt examinations, filter checks, and more. These checks can make you aware of any potential fixes that need to be done and can save you the trouble and money of it getting worse in the long run and costing you more.

In Depth

As your vehicle accumulates more mileage, you can do more in-depth inspections to make sure your BMW maintenance with Atlantic Autowerks doesn’t get missed. From checking your steering systems, engine temperatures, and other core components, you’ll know for certain when things need to be replaced or repaired. Our technicians know the ins and outs of BMWs and will give yours the proper inspection you can trust.

Check Icons

As long as your service icons in your vehicle are working, you can check up on the status of your vehicle’s need for service. While your in at Atlantic Autowerks, it can pay to get inspections done anyway if you haven’t had them done in a while, but you can also trust in BMW’s service icons to let you know when specific maintenance or repairs need to be done to parts of your vehicle.

Atlantic Autowerks is the premiere auto engineering and maintenance shop with two decades of experience working on BMWs. When yours needs a checkup, contact us today and we’ll do inspections and work you can count on.