Providing the Best BMW Maintenance

It is important to keep track of your BMW maintenance to ensure everything is always running as it should. Changing fluids and filters, replacing spark plugs, rotating tires and periodically checking the condition of the suspension and brakes are all necessary to the health and well being of your vehicle. More importantly is the safety of you behind the wheel. At Atlantic Autowerks your safety is our concern and a well maintained vehicle is the best way to reduce risk and keep you safe. New customer or returning customer, we always take the time and care to inspect your vehicle during regular maintenace vists and keep on top of your vehicles needs. For information about the services we offer, click here.

BMW and MINI maintenance

The MOST important part of your regular maintenace is your oil and filter change. We like to say "Changing your oil regularly is the cheapest warranty money can buy". While the dealers usually recommend a much higher interval for your oil changes, it is our experience that a more frequent oil change interval leads to less problems down the road. For this reason we do not recommend going the full 15,000 miles between oil changes. If you go by your BMW or MINI service lights, you could be going that full distance. We recommend no more than 7,500 miles between your oil changes for vehicles using full synthetic. 

**More information about maintenace coming soon!**

BMW service icons

BMW has a system to alert you if your vehicle is due for service. The system will depend on the age of your vehicle. There is a CBS, Condition Based Service, indicator or a SII, Service Interval Indicator, which will display symbols on your dash letting you know what your vehicle is due for.

BMW started using the CBS indicator for services in 2002 with the release of the E65 (7-series). It was then installed in all the new models from then on, in 2004 with the release of the E60 (5-series) and again in 2006 with the E90 (3-series). This system actively monitors various service components for wear and lets you know when that component needs attention. When the components reach their wear point an icon is displayed on your dash. The picture below shows what these icons look like. Each icon can display in three colors; Orange indicating the component is in "Normal" condition, Yellow indicating that component is coming due for service, and Red indicating that component has reached the end of its service life.

CBS lights

BMW models that were built before the introduction to Condition Based Services were equipped with the SII, Service Interval Indicator. This system will monitor the mileage of the vehicle and the time since its last service. Once a component being monitored reaches the end of its service life, an icon will appear on the dash to alert you it is time for service or inspection. The icons displayed are shown in the picture below.

SII lights

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