Routine Oil Changes in MINI Maintenance Maintain Optimum Performance

Like all vehicles, your MINI can benefit from MINI maintenance in the form of oil changes that will keep your engine lubricated and providing peak performance. As it is cycled through your engine, however, oil breaks down and picks up contaminants from your engine that, over time, can cause it to not provide the amount of lubrication you need to maintain healthy engine function. At Atlantic Autowerks, we can give your MINI the regular oil changes necessary to ensure no issues arise from aging oil.

Lubrication protects

Not only does lubrication from engine oil help with your MINI maintenance by providing a way for your engine’s parts to move more easily, but it also helps to ensure that your engine doesn’t generate unnecessary heat by overworking or sustain any damage. Without lubrication, engine parts can rub more harshly when in operation, causing excessive wear that otherwise could have been avoided.

Efficient engine

Proper lubrication from regular oil changes with Atlantic Autowerks also means that your engine can work smarter, not harder. Dirty oil can cause your MINI’s engine to work harder than it might otherwise, as moving parts don’t move as easily without lubrication from oil. This can cause your MINI to use more fuel than it otherwise would, which can be costly in the long run.

Efficiency saves

Because your engine works less hard with regular MINI maintenance oil changes, this also means that it gets to work through its entire intended lifespan as well. When your engine gets excessive wear and tear from working too hard, its lifespan can be shortened and it will start running into troubles much sooner than it would have otherwise. By keeping up with your oil changes, you can avoid this and keep a smooth-running vehicle.

With the knowledge and expertise to best serve your MINI maintenance needs, Atlantic Autowerks has the capabilities you can trust in. If yours is in need of an oil change or you have any other issues you want us to look at, contact us and we’ll take care of you.