Properly Take Care of Your Vehicle with Winter BWM Maintenance

Now that we’re in the thick of winter and the possibility of cold weather and snow is always looming, you must make sure that you’re keeping up with your BMW maintenance. Cold weather can have a negative impact on certain aspects of vehicles and you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with all the necessary maintenance you need to. At Atlantic Autowerks, we can help you maintain your vehicle’s best operating condition and give you advice on BMW care.

Check fluids

When temperatures drop drastically, your cars fluids (oil, transmission fluid, etc.) has a chance of thickening, which may cause some issues under the hood. To combat this in your BMW, you can allow your car to run for a short amount of time before driving to allow fluids to heat up and get your fluids changed so they’re brand new when winter rolls around. At Atlantic Autowerks, we can give you the oil service and fluid inspection/replacement that you need before they become more viscous.

Dying batteries

Cold weather is known to drain the life of batteries quickly, and car batteries are no exception. Whenever temperatures get below-freezing, you car battery’s capacity is reduced, meaning your car may not have enough power to get started if the battery is on the older side. Atlantic Autowerks can give your battery the scan it needs to make sure it is functioning at a high enough level for your vehicle. If your battery is older and not getting your BMW started early, our team can get you a new battery and get it installed with ease. No matter what BMW maintenance you need, our team gets it done right.

Atlantic Autowerks has been through enough winters to know the effects it has on vehicles and how to best solve each of these problems. With the staff and supplies to keep you on the road, contact Atlantic Autowerks to see how we can help you all winter long.