Atlantic Autowerks offers a wide variety of QUALITY products for your car care needs. We have everything from Air filters to quality Zymol car care products. I guess you could say we have you covered from A to Z! Since not all vehicles are created equal our product line includes a wide range of items that is sure to meet your needs.

Here's a list of the products we offer:


  • Red Line's motor oils and gear oils use superior ester base stocks that provide extreme stability at high temperatures and superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced.


  • We use the highest quality Valvoline 5W30 petroleum oil for those vehicles not using synthetic.


  • Bosch is one of the leading global suppliers of automotive technology. We use Bosch products because they are of the highest quality and they are the OEM supplier for most vehicle manufacturers. We have everything from Alternators to Wiper blades so stop in, call, or email for any of your Bosch product needs.  (call or email for pricing)

Wheel Wax

  • We offer two great products from Wheel Wax. If you're tired of all that brake dust build-up ruining the look of your wheels then WHEEL WAX is for you. If you want your tires to look like new and a dressing, as well as a treatment, for your rubber, plastic, and vinyl trim pieces then give Extreme Black a try.  (call or email for pricing)

Interstate Batteries

  • We have in stock several Interstate Batteries in stock to accommodate almost every model BMW, SAAB, MINI. Interstate offers very long warranty periods and good reliable battery you can depend on. For more information and pricing please call or email.


  • Castrol is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of lubricants and lubricant technology. We have in stock 5W40 Syntec (Full Synthetic) and the BMW 5W30 High Performance Full Synthetic.

Mann, Mahle, Brembo, Balo, Bilstein, Boge, Ate, K&N, Lemforder, ZF

  • This is a list of other products we commonly use to service or repair your vehicle. All products we use are OEM unless otherwise requested by you!
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