Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly By Keeping Your Ears Open

With a high-end vehicle, it pays to listen to what the world is telling you. Whether you’re heeding the advice of the manufacturer and having your inspections performed or you’re listening to that inner voice that’s telling you, “Maybe you should get that noise looked at,” it never hurts to be cautious and keep your ears open. In this post, we’re going to look at three “voices” that – if you listen to them – can help you keep your BMW running smoothly.

Listen to your instincts

Maybe you’re driving down the highway and, suddenly, you feel a sharp pull to the left. Maybe you’re idling at a stop light and, in the quiet, you hear a faint screeching. In either case, it’s best to listen to your instincts: something’s wrong. More importantly, you should act on those instincts and take your vehicle to an experienced BMW repair shop.

Listen to your vehicle

Your BMW is monitored by the industry’s best sensors. Whether it’s a check engine light, a tire pressure warning or anything in between, you should pay heed to your car’s “voice” and address the root cause of its “speaking out” immediately.

Listen to the manufacturer

BMW recommends a number of services at regular intervals. An oil change every 7,500 miles… oil service every second oil change… regular inspections every 15,000 and 30,000 miles. These are some of the recommendations and, above all else, adhering to these can keep your BMW running reliably for a long, long time.

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