Keep up with MINI Maintenance in Warmer Weather

We’ve talked about what you can do for MINI maintenance before winter, but, now that warmer temperatures are back, you can keep up with necessary check-ups and repairs to guarantee a smooth ride. Atlantic Autowerks has the capabilities to assess, repair, and follow-up on any issues your MINI may have encountered throughout the winter. If you want the job done right with your MINI maintenance, you want to trust Atlantic Autowerks.

Back to Standard

We talked before about how snow tires can benefit your driving in rough winter conditions, but, now that the snow is gone, you’ll want to bring back seasonally appropriate tires to save yourself money in the long run. Snow tires are made specifically for slippery conditions during winter and can affect your vehicle’s performance during warmer months. Warmer road conditions will also wear down the extra tread that your winter tires can provide much quicker, and you’ll end up spending more in the long run. Given their softer nature from more tread, winter tires also may give you a less-crisp response when making quick motions that a harder, seasonal tire would provide.

Keep it Cool

After not having to use it for many months, your A/C may not function the way it did for you the year before when you try it this spring and summer. Should any problems arise and you’re not getting the cool air flowing that you were expecting to have during blistering months later this year, Atlantic Autowerks can provide the MINI maintenance to get you back to a comfortable temperature.

No matter what maintenance you need before heading on the road in warmer months ahead, Atlantic Autowerks can provide the professional auto services your vehicle demands. With a staff holding years of experience working on BMW’s and MINI’s, contact us to see what we can do for you today!