How to Ensure That Your BMW Vehicle Stays in Pristine, Working Order

If you’ve purchased a BMW vehicle, you’ve undoubtedly investigated the company’s recommended maintenance schedule. You’ve researched when to get your oil changed, when to add fluids and when to have your vehicle inspected. You’ve learned about the BMW’s features, how to preserve them and – most importantly – how to ensure that your car stays in peak condition for as long as possible. But, what are the details of the specific BMW inspection services? When should they be performed and what benefits does your vehicle derive from them? In this post, we’re going to go over BMW’s maintenance recommendations and discuss how Atlantic Autowerks can help you keep your BMW in pristine, working order.

Safety and oil service

Every 10,000 miles – or once per year – BMW recommends general maintenance. Including an oil change, brake check, fluid top offs and an examination of belts, hoses and tires, this service aims to maintain your BMW’s essential components and ensures that your vehicle runs safely and efficiently.

Inspection 1

At 30,000 miles – and every 60,000 following that – BMW recommends, “Inspection 1.” More focused than the standard safety and oil service, this service ensures that your engine temperatures are within acceptable ranges and checks things like brake pads and your car’s steering system.

Inspection 2

Every 60,000 miles, “Inspection 2” is recommended. This inspection is even more in-depth than Inspection 1 and includes a thorough check of your vehicles components, from air filters and spark plugs to brake lining and engine coolant.

At Atlantic Autowerks, we pride ourselves on being the area’s best BMW repair shop. With a talented, experienced team of long-term professionals, we provide all of BMW’s recommended services. If you’ve been looking for a trusted repair shop for your BMW, contact us today to schedule your visit.