Get Ready for Winter with Quality MINI Maintenance

Before we know it, snow will be hitting the ground once again, and you can prepare for winter by bringing your MINI to Atlantic Autowerks for quality MINI maintenance. Driving in winter can sometimes be a tricky thing, and the easiest way to make sure you’re driving in the safest way possible is to have your car fully-serviced and ready to roll.

Check what’s under the hood

Cold weather can cause different difficulties on your car, and many of them take place under the hood. With the MINI maintenance provided by Atlantic Autowerks, you can guarantee that your car will run smoothly through the winter. Cold weather can cause your battery to make starting your car difficult, so we can do an electrical diagnosis of your car and make sure that everything is in working order. We can also check your oil to make sure it’s in good enough condition for the winter, as the cold weather can make oil not flow as well as it should, putting additional strain on your battery. No matter the troubleshooting you may need, the experts at Atlantic Autowerks have you covered.

Tires make a difference

Atlantic Autowerks provides the sales, mounting, and balancing of tires for your MINI maintenance and can save you a lot of worry this winter by providing winter tires. Winter tires for your MINI help you in the snow and make sure that you don’t end up coming back to visit us because of any unfortunate winter accidents. If you think that winter tires or even all-season tires are something you would want this winter, then Atlantic Autowerks can sell them, mount them, and balance them for you.

With decades of experiences working on BMWs and MINIs, Atlantic Autowerks has the experience you need to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. If you need BMW or MINI maintenance, contact the mechanics at Atlantic Autowerks to get it done right every time.