Get Affordable, Expert BMW Repairs at Atlantic Autowerks

By now, we’re hoping that you have a very good sense of how well we know your car. You probably came to Atlantic Autowerks in the first place for some of the same reasons you drive a BMW or MINI. You have never settled for the every day. Driving isn’t just getting from point A to point B. You’re particular about things … they need to perform, they need to excite, they must never disappoint. We understand that, we understand YOU, because we’re the same way.

That said, you don’t mind paying for quality, but you do mind OVER paying. The service department at the dealer has great expertise, the factory makes sure of that. They also have incredible overhead and, well, an attitude. That’s why they charge $129/hour for labor.

We also have great expertise. We were trained by the factories and honed our skills at dealers. Then we realized that expertise and a commitment to superior quality didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We opened Atlantic Autowerks in 1989 with the goal of giving BMW and MINI owners the kind of attention and expertise you thought you could only get at the dealer, but at a much fairer price. After all, you’re discriminating, not stupid.

Now, we’d like you to know us as well as we know your car. We invite you to click around this site. Read about Bob and Terry and the rest of the staff. Take in a bit of our history. Click through the specials, and Take a look at the FAQs. Odds are, you wondered about some of these same things yourself. You’ll read an answer and think to yourself, “now I know.” And when you share that newly found nugget of automotive wisdom with a friend, invite them to bring their BMW or MINI to Atlantic Autowerks. By now, we’re hoping that you have a very good sense of how well we know your car. Contact us today!