Fix Your Not-so-Stuck Odometer and more with BMW Repair

The technicians at Atlantic Autowerks are the skilled, experienced, and trustworthy workers that can give you the best BMW repair. Thanks to a long track-record of working with BMW’s, our technicians know all the ins and outs of the vehicles, and guarantee we can find your problems and offer the best solutions to them. Whether it’s your odometer failing or any other issues you may face, Atlantic Autowerks is here for you.

The Odometer Problem

When your mileage gets stuck, it doesn’t mean your odometer is entirely broken. When this happens, it means the plastic gears that spin the odometer have deteriorated and no longer function to track mileage. By going to a trusted BMW repair shop, you can safely get your parts fixed or replaced, without damaging any of the surrounding components. Atlantic Autowerks has the knowledge and capabilities that you can depend on.

Timely Repair

When you come to Atlantic Autowerks, you get the repairs you need, when you need them. Unlike other shops that make you wait sometimes up to a week before fixing your problem, Atlantic Autowerks can provide the BMW repair and maintenance you need typically within a day or two and have it repaired in the same amount of time. Our number one priority is quality service for every client that comes to us, and no matter what issues your BMW faces, you know you’ll get the same positive results when we work on your vehicle.

Experience and excellence are what you’ll get every time you come to Atlantic Autowerks. If you find your BMW in need of any kind of repair, maintenance, or tune-up, our technicians will give your vehicle the professional treatment it deserves. Open Monday through Friday, contact us to see what we can do for you and your BMW today!