[Tech Note] - Z3 SEAT has movement in the tracks back and forth.

Do you have a seat in your Z3 that doesn't want to stay put? It moves back and forth about 1/2 inch no matter how you lock it in and even happens with the electric seats.

We can fix that! A set of rubber isolator bushings in the seat tracks wears out and is allowing the movement. We have a set of bushings to replace the worn out rubber ones but these won't wear out! They are made of some special plastic that performs very well.

Each seat has a set of four bushings to install in the tracks. The seat needs to be removed from the car and flipped upside down to remove the lower tracks that move the seat forward and aft. Then we can replace the bushings and reassemble the seat tracks and reinstall the seat back in the car. Guaranteed that this will be the last time these bushings will be replaced.

The cost of the repair is less than $225.00 per seat.

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