[Tech Note] - How can I get the coldest air out of my a/c vents?

Naturally, make sure the temp wheel/s are at the lowest setting on both sides.

Use the" Recirculate" function button to close off the outside air constantly coming in the car. The A/C has to cool all of that hot air as it comes in when in the "Fresh Air" mode ; when in "Recirculate"mode, the air from inside the car, that might already be somewhat cooler is now recycled through the evaporator for further cooling therefore the air gets colder all of the time.

BMW has a wheel that is located in the center of the dash vents in the middle of the dash. BMW calls it the "Y" factor temp wheel; make sure that it is turned so the all of the blue dots are showing or rotate it to the coolest setting. This "Y" factor sensor wheel will change the temp of the air that emits out of the center face vents for better comfort.

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