[Tech Note] - 3 Series owners E36 92-98 Front seat problems?

Has your electric seat quit reclining? The motor runs, but the seat back doesn't move. We now have a fix for that, and you don't have to replace the seat and/or entire electric seat drive mechanism anymore!

A plastic gear has been failing in the recliner gear box preventing the recliner movement via the motor.

We now have that gear, but made much stronger with better materials and we can replace the gear for you! The seat has to be removed from the car, the motors on the gear box are removed to gain access to the gear box screws. The worm gear is removed that has the broken gear on it, the gear is replaced, gear box cleaned out, re-greased, the worm gear reinstalled, and the rest of the gear box reassembled on the seat. The seat is checked on the bench for proper operation and then reinstalled back in the car. The total cost is for either front seat is less than $250.00 complete.

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