Common Reasons to Explain Why Your BMW Check Engine Light Is On

We’ve all had it happen. You’re cruising down the highway, blaring your favorite tunes and, all of a sudden, a slight glow emanates from your dashboard. Looking down, you notice that your check engine light has come on. Panicked, you pull off at the next exit and frantically Google for an explanation or, perhaps, a nearby BMW repair shop. If this sounds at all familiar, this week’s article is just for you because, in this post, we’re going to look at a few reasons that explain why your BMW check engine light is on.

1. Your gas cap is loose

This is the problem that we all hope for. If your gas cap is loose, it can fool your car’s system into thinking that there is a leak in its evaporative emissions system. Naturally, if this is the problem, all you’ve got to do is screw it on a little tighter, restart your car and get back on the road.

2. Your oxygen sensor is broken

Your BMW’s oxygen sensor measures how much oxygen is present in the exhaust, aiming to strike the right balance of air and gasoline to keep your car operating at peak performance. A slight skew in that ratio – caused by a broken sensor – can cause decreased gas mileage and increased emissions.

3. Your spark plugs are old

Once in a while, your BMW’s spark plugs need to be replaced. Typically included in your vehicle’s Inspection 2 service, this is only a common problem if you don’t have your BMW regularly inspected and maintained or, more rarely, if you’ve installed a defective part.

At Atlantic Autowerks, our team has been servicing BMW and MINI vehicles since 1969. With a deep well of experience and a firm grasp of BMW maintenance and inspection routines, we are the area’s leading provider of repair services. So, if you find yourself bewildered by your vehicle’s check engine light, give us a call and schedule an appointment!