BMW Maintenance – A Good Time To Connect With Your People

If you find yourself kicking back, trying to explain to a friend why you choose to drive a BMW, we recommend you take a breath, and let it go. Just like trying to change someone’s mind online, it’s not going to happen. They’re either in love with some other car (we hear MINI’s are pretty awesome) or they’re just a bit practical. Here at Atlantic Autowerks, we get you. We built our shop and your BMW maintenance team with people who understand you.

The car lover. Best case scenario, your pal on the other side of the debate is in love with one of those other cars. Sure, they’re misguided, but at least they care. You won’t be trading stories about the innovative engineering, why oversteering is NOT over rated, the luxurious interiors, or the sheer driving pleasure. They might even try to win you over to their team – alas, they’re just talking to themselves.

The destination driver. Somehow worse than not craving the experience of driving a BMW, the destination driver takes all of the fun out of owning a vehicle by focusing on the practical aspects. These are the people those awful fake wood paneled station wagons were designed for. These are the people you see when you’re cruising the car lot; the family with two adults, two kids, and two dogs bickering over the number of USB ports. It’d be funny if it weren’t just a touch sad.

The way you feel about your BMW gripping the road, the vibration of the engine, the way the car growls through the turns, it’s glorious. But if you have to take the time to explain, they won’t understand. Heavy sigh, let it go. And if it gets to be too much, stop on in. If that seems odd, contact us to schedule an oil service and hang out during your BMW maintenance. When you walk into our shop, you’re with your people.