A Few BMW Maintenance Tips for This Coming Winter

When temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for people’s commitment to regular BMW maintenance to drop, as well. It’s tough to convince yourself to bundle up, head outside and take the steps necessary to keep your vehicle in top shape. However, there are a number of very easy – and very quick – things that you can do to keep your BMW in great shape this winter. In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips for taking care of your BMW over the winter.

1. Check your battery

If you’ve ever tried to turn your car over and heard that dreadful, inexplicably high-pitched whine, you know firsthand how frustrating a dead battery can be. Winter is especially tough on batteries as it reduces the power that they have available. We recommend stopping by a BMW repair shop to have your battery tested and – if needed – replaced before winter hits.

2. Clear your windshield

The air plenum – that small vent outside the base of your windshield – is a catchall for all sorts of winter debris. Ice, leaves and snow can build up, causing condensation to collect that can cause serious damage to your vehicle. When you scrape your windshield, be sure to reach down and clear this area!

3. Replace your fluids

In the winter, fresh fluids are critical. Oil and antifreeze are the lifeblood of your vehicle and, when it comes to BMW maintenance, they are one of the most important ingredients in a healthy, happy vehicle. Before winter hits, stop by a repair shop to have your fluids checked and, if necessary, flushed and replaced.

At Atlantic Autowerks, we have years of experience working with BMWs and MINIs. If you’ve been searching for a reliable, knowledgeable professional that can perform all of your vehicle’s essential maintenance routines, contact us today to schedule your visit!