2015 Mini Cooper: Fuel Efficient and Feisty

With their unique design, compact size and overall cool factor, Mini Coopers are instantly recognizable. From contrasting roof panels and a distinctive profile to seventeen-inch wheels and bonnet stripes, a host of factory options allow Mini Cooper owners to customize their vehicle into a polished, truly one-of-a-kind phenomenon. However, the Mini Cooper isn’t just another pretty face: they are loaded with premium technologies that promise their drivers more than a stylish ride.

Beyond basic fuel efficiency

The 2015 Mini Cooper isn’t just efficient with its fuel, it is engineered to treat every drop as a precious commodity. In Green Mode, the vehicle regulates fuel consumption, manages acceleration and assesses driving patterns on its dashboard screen, all in an effort to conserve fuel without sacrificing performance. Couple this with the car’s smart coasting feature – which disengages the automatic transmission when you lift your foot off the gas – that allows for controlled deceleration and it’s clear that the Mini Cooper’s design is a recipe for a seriously fuel efficient vehicle.

The Mini Cooper isn’t just efficient, it’s fast!

Of course, all of these features working to ensure that the Mini is efficient doesn’t mean that the car is any less nimble. Mini Coopers are known for their agile, feisty performance and their ability to turn on a dime. BMW engineers have worked hard to maintain that legacy while balancing it with the more responsible aspects of the vehicle’s new Green Mode.

Using a Dual VANOS system that measures the engine speed and throttle opening, engineers were able to increase airflow to the engine’s cylinders. The net result is a more efficient combustion process and, of course, reduced fuel consumption.

All told, these are only a few of the myriad features that are packed into the Cooper’s Green Mode. In addition to these, things like direct fuel injection, friction reduction, aerodynamic underbody panels, recyclable parts and aluminum control arms all contribute to the vehicle’s performance while simultaneously reducing its impact on the environment.

At Atlantic Autowerks, we can help you care for your Mini with a range of services designed to maintain its fuel efficiency and power. From oil changes and tire rotation to hydraulic brake flushes and system diagnostic services, we’re here to keep your Mini in prime condition but, most of all: fun! Contact us today!